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Adrian Wojnarowski on Dunn, Kobe, Porzingis and The Vertical Launch

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Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski was a guest on Media Timeout with Vin Parise, and the two discussed a number of topics relating to the NBA and the launch of The Vertical, a compelling NBA site that will take viewers inside the league.

Parise begins the show by asking a question on the minds of many Providence Friars fans...how high will Kris Dunn go in the NBA draft? Noting that he believes Dunn would have been a top-10 pick in the 2015 NBA draft, Wojnarowski believes Dunn may have even improved his already-high draft stock.

"I would be surprised, based on my conversations, if he does not go in the top-5, top-4 of the draft," Wojnarowski said.

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Moving on to current NBA players, Parise credited Wojnarowski with being an early adopter of the notion that Kristaps Porzingis would become a NBA star, which he has turned out to be with Parise's New York Knicks.

"He had such a belief about himself, he just exuded it," Wojnarowski said. "This guy is future MVP in the NBA if he stays healthy."

The two also discussed Kobe Bryant, and Wojnarowski recalled a story Bryant had told him during an interview a few years back. Bryant had watched Michael Jackson work on his music and the care he took in his craft. Bryant took some of those lessons with him.

"His ability to learn, and find lessons from successful people in all walks and then incorporate those into his work, is really unique," Wojnarowski said.

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Parise also asked the Yahoo writer about the path his career has taken, from newspaper internships and working at The Record (Bergen County), and how he really learned to build relationships. It's certainly paid off, as he is considered one of the finest NBA reporters in the industry. He's turning his success at Yahoo! into a new project that is launching Friday on the Yahoo Sports platform. The Vertical, he said, will be a "hub of NBA news, information, storytelling."

"We're going to put you inside the league," Wojnarowski said. "We want to be the beginning and end of the conversation on what's going on in the league...I'm excited."

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