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As a Fan, It's a Rivalry.  As a Coach, It's My Job.

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ed_cooley_sideline_no_jacket.jpgAfter the Friars dramatic 74-72 win over the URI Rams at the Ryan Center, Providence coach Ed Cooley took the opportunity to clarify his feeling the idea of the rivalry.

"As a fan of, which I am, of Providence College and the University of Rhode Island - when the University of Rhode Island plays I promise I cheer for you every single game.  When the state of Rhode Island is good in basketball, it’s good for everybody in this room that’s passionate about our state.  As a fan it is a rivalry game.  As a coach, it’s my job.  It’s how I feed my kids.  So when you talk to me about a rivalry - a rivalry is somebody that plays twice a season and compete for a league championship.  To me, that defines a rivalry.  As a coach, I'm here to play the schedule, I’m here to play the next game.  And this was the next game on our schedule."

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