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Brian Westbrook Credits Villanova for Post-NFL Success

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Former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was a guest on the Media Timeout podcast and touched on a number of topics with host Vin Parise.

Since he's retired from the NFL, Westbrook has transitioned to the media world, becoming an analyst on Eagles pregame and postgame, along with other NFL and fantasy football related shows. He credits much of his post-NFL success to the college education he got. Although he had plans to go to a big-time college football program, circumstances changed while he was a senior in high school.

"I tore my ACL in high school, so my senior year I only ended up playing five or six games," said Westbrook. I went from a heavily recruited junior to a senior who wasn't recruited by very many schools.

"I knew Villanova was a great academic school, I knew it was a great basketball school, I wasn't even quite clear they had a football program," he continued. "It was about getting the best education possible, and going to a school where I knew after I got out of school I'll be able to make some phone calls and be successful in life period."

Parise asked him about some career highs and lows, with Westbrook noting playing in the Super Bowl makes the list of best and worst memories.

"Just making it is great, but getting that second place ring is no good," said Westbrook. "You think 'oh, we'll have a similar team coming back next year, we'll get back next year' and there is never that next year...unless you're the Patriots."

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