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Rams Forge Identity Even in Defeat

terrell_jumper-1.jpgThe URI Rams may have lost to the Providence Friars Saturday night, but had Ben Bentil's tip-in not gone in we could have been telling a very different story.  We would have been talking about Hassan Martin's clutch rebound and Jared Terrell's silky jumper to tie the game.  We would have been talking about Jarvis Garrett stepping toe to toe with Kris Dunn and possessing more swagger than anyone in Rhode Island, but Bentil's tip in went in and we're telling a much different story.

After the game, Providence Coach Ed Cooley talked about how his team had to overcome adversity and injury and how it made them who they are today.

"I like this University of Rhode Island team. I talked to Danny when EC went down and I brought him back to November 2, 2013 when Kris Dunn went down, when Rodney Bullock and Brandon Austin went through their situation, and I said your team will respond differently. Let the team gain its new identity - This team gained an identity today. That is a very very good basketball team we were fortunate to beat today. friars defeat rams

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