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Satisfy A Hearty Appetite With This Goose Stew Recipe



Those of you who follow our pursuits know the Kettlebottom gang are a busy bunch. Between fishing, hunting and our many other adventures we usually come back home with a hearty appetite.

One of the most delicious ways we refuel is with this easy recipe for Goose Stew - Just watch the video and follow the steps and you will have a delicious treat for you and your family.

We harvested this goose meat in Kansas. If hunting is not your thing, a trip to the market is an easy sustitution. 


Goose Stew Recipe 


  • -1 yellow onion
  • -5 baking potatoes
  • -1 packet of Lipton beefy onion recipe secrets
  • -1 (16 oz.) bag of baby carrots
  • -2 (10.5 oz.) cans of cream of mushroom soup
  • -4 large goose breasts (substitute with beef roast or pork if you don't have goose)





Step 1: Chop potatoes into large chunks

Step 2: Chop onion

Step 3: In a large crock-pot layer one can of cream of mushroom

Step 4: Add a layer of chopped potatoes

Step 5: Add a layer of chopped onion




Step 6: Add a layer of baby carrots

Step 7: Add a layer of 2 goose breasts (chop into large pieces to make step 12 easier)

Step 8: Repeat steps 3-7

Step 9: Pour Lipton packet over goose

Step 10: Pour one cup of water over the goose




Step 11: Cover crock-pot and set it to high

Step 12: After 4 hours stir contents of crock-pot and place the cover back on the crock-pot

Step 13: After an additional 4 hours the stew is ready to serve!




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