The concept behind team mascots is to choose a representation for a sports team. It can be literally anything like a person, an animal or a thing that’s supposed to bring good luck to the team.

It isn’t about the case reflecting the traits and personalities of selected mascot, though it could be the origin of it.

More than what You Think

Then again, there are others who are seeing mascots plainly as a smart marketing tactic. After all, one aspect of sport is all about promotion. The revenue generated from sales of mascot gears and emblazoned trinkets is providing a way to reduce the travel as well as equipment expenses of the entire team.

Alumni are also another excellent revenue source and they do love their mascots. It’s from the alumnus that typically seen extreme usage of mascot and collection.

It’s a Persona and not a Marketing Stunt

However, it seems that there’s more to mascots than that. The commercial side pales with regards to all motivational possibilities. The mascot does not give team names rather; it is focused on giving and creating identity for them.

Even when the team is not practicing, just the presence of the mascot gives the whole team a persona of who they are. Further, it is a great help in boosting their morale as a player.