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The Legend of Sly Williams

Sly Williams Rhode IslandBack in the mid 1970's, New Haven, Connecticut was a hot-bed of basketball talent.  Once such recruit during this era was Sylvester Williams.  In the spring of 1976, Sly was one of the most sought-after players in the nation.  Schools such as Michigan, Connecticut, Minnesota, Providence College, URI and Texas were all in the hunt for the 6'7" foward who could play any position on the floor.

Dave Gavitt was coming off several highly successful seasons in the early and mid 70's including a trip to the Final Four in 1973.  A player like Willams could be the Friar's ticket to a National Championship.  Gavitt thought he had Sly locked-up and headed to PC, but on the day he was supposed to arrive at Providence, Sly had a sudden 'change-of-heart' and signed with the URI Rams.

Some say this story was the torch that lit the powder keg igniting the rivalry even more between the two schools.

CoxHub Films takes you behind the story of how Sly ended up a Rhodie Ram as we caught up with many of the principal individuals that were involved with each program at the time.

Sly Documentary

Bonus Materials

As with any project of this magnitude, there is always material that ends up on the cutting room floor.  Check out these outtakes and bonus materials that we've assembled for your viewing please.

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