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You're Invited To A Thomas Tew Rum Tasting



AJ Petrarca Testing The Rum

A barrel is placed in the warehouse to age for approximately 3 years. At this point, a sample is taken for tasting. If it is deemed that all of the flavor and aromatic components are present and balanced, the barrel will be bottled and processed for sale. If not, the barrel is returned to the warehouse to continue aging. “Unlike in the brewery, hope springs eternal in the distillery. If it's not ready now, it could be ready next year. If it's not ready next year, it could be ready the year after that,” says Brent. “The sixth barrel that we ever made (which was made basically almost ten years ago) is still not ready. Hope stills springs eternal, it could be ready next year! But who knows.”

Check out the video to get a glimpse of the tasting process as well as the flavors and characteristics that make Thomas Tew special. Be sure to tune in this Spring for the full episode and the new season of Brand X.


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