Casino does offer tons of games to play. And card games are one of the sought after games that people want to play at. Ever since, card games are extremely popular.

However, playing these games are more enjoyable if you know the basics and some strategies to beat the odds and other players.

But what are those card games that have been able to get player’s attention and the world at large?

Poker of course!

One of it is Poker. To play this game, every player receives 2 cards and then, 5 cards would be opened one by one in the table. The player who was able to have the highest hand combination wins.


This card game has strong resemblance to Domino QQ. But here, rather than getting 4 cards like the dominos, you only get two. In playing this game, you’ll be comparing the strength of the card with the dealer.

Domino QQ

For this particular card game, this is base on baccarat where 9 is the highest card and the calculations are so similar. Every player in the table will be given 4 cards that are separated into 2 – 2 on the right and 2 on the left.