In recent years, there had been an onset of the gambling craze. Sadly, the words betting, gambling, and lottery seem to have been tagged to mean the same thing. In this post, let’s take a look at the difference between these three terms to somehow see that these terms are distinct from the other.


Lottery, like what most people say is a game of luck. Winning is completely at random. Winning also depends on the number of people who have participated. The profits gained from ticket sales are used to as prize money to award the winners. But it is also used to donate to a good social cause and pay for the expense of managing the lottery.

Assuming you have several loose coins after shopping, then you see a lottery outlet and purchase a ticket. The action of purchasing at that moment is random and impulsive. What really has driven you to make a purchase is that you have several loose coins in your pocket and use it to buy a chance to win at the lottery.

This time, even if you’re not lucky, the money you spent is still used for a good cause that benefits society.

At the moment, there are more than 20 betting and lotto businesses (Bandar Togel Online Indonesia) in the country and the numbers are increasing. As more people choose to participate in the fast-growing industry, this clearly draws a line between lottery and gambling.

Those who take part in the lottery are generally moving away from gambling and also other types of gambling. It isn’t unusual to find a passionate participant in the lottery to speak against gambling. This could appear to be a double standard but that can’t be farther from the facts.

Betting and gambling

To place bets and gambles, participants must raise money. For example, make a sports bet. You need to make a calculated forecast that requires good knowledge of the areas in which you plan your resources and participate.

If you look closely at the lottery and gambling, there are differences between the two concepts.

The lottery is a chance game where you can pick a lucky number, buy a ticket and then wait for the draw date to see the result. The draw then randomly determines the winner through the numbers picked. The results are not somewhat predictable facts, but purely by chance.

The case in the lottery is not applicable to gambling. The amount of money you win depends on how much money you put in. There may be a chance to make a lot of money on gambling, but they are also likely to lose a lot of money.

Betting, on the other hand, is a pledge of the outcome of a given event, as the result of a sporting event. Gamers hope to be rewarded when their predictions are confirmed. Who brings home the money greatly depends on the accuracy of the “prediction” or the bettor’s expectations.

In the lottery, you know your chance to win is when your numbers were hit after the draw. If it doesn’t, you still win somehow as you know your money supported many social causes initiated the specific lottery. The lottery is about coincidence and random numbers, so whether you win or not is a completely different matter.

Bottom Line

The main difference here is that the lottery is strictly at random and does not allow you to make predictions or plan ahead. Ultimately, like all other games or decisions in life, we have to be discriminating participants, hence the need for understanding the difference and so having an educated decision.