The National Hockey League or NHL of North America is the most popular and famed ice hockey league.

It consist of 30 teams and spreads across Canada and United States.

In fact, this sport is referred to as the Fastest Game on Earth and a sport that requires more physicality and never failed to deliver excitement to its viewers and avid fans.

Because of this, there’ve been tons of betting markets and options affiliated with ice hockey. Some are even created specifically to this sport. Following is a quick list of sought-after ice hockey markets.


This bet is when you bet on a team to win the competition. In a single season, there is going to be several outright betting options that you can place your bet on.

Match Result or End of Regulation

This is actually a straightforward be but with a twist. Here, you’re choosing the team that you believe would win. However, there’s a restriction to that victory within regulated timeframe of 1 hour.

Match Results including Overtime

This bet is on the spot. This is based on the winning team regardless if the victory is earned during overtime or during regulation. Simply speaking, you’re betting on the team whom you think will leave victorious.