In Asia, gambling is against the law in certain countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Other nations like Hong Kong, Korea, Macau and also the Philippines is allowed by the law to wager on sporting activities. However, online casinos are not restricted in many of these countries such as the alternatif joker123. Despite the fact that there are legal guidelines that prohibit or ban gambling in some parts of the Asian continent, many still wager on games. While it is against the law, there are apparently many undercover gambling areas that let you bet on games, especially in Korea and in China.

Gambling in Asia

With the development of e-sports, interest in sports betting has also increased. The history of e-sports can be traced back to the times of StarCraft, whether online or via underground bookkeepers where there were multiple match-fixing issues in Korea and other countries in Asia. This has made a great impact on many games that can be wagered, such as StarCraft, League of Legends and Dota 2.

The governing body’s response is very quick, and penalties for these behaviors may involve years of competitive bans and potential fines, community service and imprisonment for professionals. Although most countries in the world are lagging behind match-fixing, South Korea has established strict e-sports betting laws and restrictions which are jointly supervised by KeSPA and the police force. They jointly set up a task force to investigate serious game allegations in match-fixing.

E-sports betting in Asia

There are a number of other games that are growing in the Asian region. The Heroes of the Storm, the Hearthstone and the Vain Glory are just a few of the interest to start gathering in Asia’s large eSports community. These games have fewer metagames and a unique regional style. Hearthstone does not have a unique style because it’s not a mechanics-based game, but good strategy gameplay. On the other hand, Vain Glory is still a new game, so it is still competing in a competitive way.

E-sports betting in Asia, in general, is a fairly stable place for betting. Betting on League of Legends is quite foreseeable, while Dota and CS: GO could bring dissatisfaction due to the technical proximity of each individual. Those who wish to bet in Asia, it is advisable to hold your bets before proper research has been done as match-fixing still exists in many parts of the region.