In Indonesia, a man had been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Unit because of his habitual gambling online.

Wahyu Seno Aprianto, did not expect himself to be the target of officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Customs Police Station. Because he often played online gambling at a Jalan Ketintang Surabaya Warnet.

Wahyu was visited by three plainclothes policemen while he was busy choosing online soccer gambling bets (Judi Bola) at the internet cafe, Wednesday (11/06/2019) around 00.15 WIB.

Head of the Customs Police Headquarters, AKP Mellysa Amalia said, members received information from residents regarding the activities of the suspect.

“Information has entered about one week. We made an investigation effort, and when last Wednesday members entered the internet cafe and found the suspect was busy playing online soccer gambling,” Mellysa explained, Monday (11/11/2019).

When interrogated, the 43-year-old man from Karangrejo VII / 10 Surabaya admitted that he almost played online gambling on the internet cafe.

He is addicted to playing online gambling, even though the results are not certain to win. Once played, the suspect deposited money between 300 to 500 thousand rupiahs.

“His gambling habit is almost every day. For leisure time. The way the suspect transfers to the online gambling applicator account as a deposit. Later the money can be disbursed if you win,” said the three-beam officer on this shoulder.

Football Gambling in Mopait Village, Activists Ask for Ordered Discipline

In other news, the rampant football gambling in Mopait Village had been ordered for discipline as more activists had filed their complaints to the authorities.

One of the Nasir Ganggai (NG) loudly spoke about the practice of gambling bolsters. He also asked the authorities to immediately put in order because of the potential to damage the morals and mentality of the community.

“It is unfortunate that the practice of gambling is left free in that location. Even if they have permission from the police, I am sure the permit is only for the crowd at the night market. But the permit was used for gambling practices, ” Nasir said.

He also requested that the legal apparatus immediately take action to discipline the gambling practice at the night market.

“The judicial practice is disciplined because it clearly violates the law. If it is only a children’s play fairground, it might not be a problem, ” he said.

Separately the Lolayan Sector Police through the Criminal Investigation Unit Fadli Pampaile, through WhatApp said that related to the night market permit was issued by the Kotamobagu Regional Police.

“Permit the crowd that gave the police out. Try to coordinate with the Intel Headquarters because all the activities there are contained in the permit, ” he said briefly.

It is known that the night market in Mopait village has been operating for almost a month. The practice of gambling bolsters also operates freely in that location.