The video below features Benny Ricciardi. He bets on sports every day particularly fantasy sports. He doesn’t do it out of fun but he actually does it to support his family. Ricciardi makes so much money in sports betting that he left his job in finance. Now, he stays home to take care of his children while writing about sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

Featuring Benny Ricciardi

While Benny Ricciardi is clearly having fun with his earnings and his current full-time job, some others are asking how he does it. Benny tries to explain it by comparing it to stocks and taking the luck out of betting. It’s much like choosing a cheap stock and hope that it gets a higher value soon. While he tries to hard to let the average person understand. There are other experts who try to lay down the real cards in sports betting and other online gambling sites (judi online terbaik), making real money with it.

Let’s Ask The Experts – How To Make A Living In Sports Betting

WagerTalkTV hosted by Kelly Stewart speaks to Teddy Covers regarding the topic – How to make a living betting on sports?

Most professional betters augment their income because betting in sports is a roller coaster ride. Betting for a living also relatively depends on your lifestyle.

Sports Betting Is A Full-Time Business

While many people watch sports as a favorite past time, many people involved behind the industry view sports and betting as a full-time job. In the midst of legislative battles of the pros and cons of sports betting and other types of gambling online, people behind the industry are striving to keep the business alive.

So Is There Real Money Behind Sports And Gambling?

As a bottom line, yes there is. These people are intelligent enough not to spend their entire time on sports or even gambling if they don’t earn and take home money. People running the business are in fact making millions and even billions in sports betting alone. So is it feasible to make gambling and sports betting a full-time job? The answer is yes but note that the risk is high and it requires a lot of focus and concentration.