Gambling is a lot more than lack because it involves analyzing probabilities, mathematics, psychology, physics, and even economics. Have you heard of the story of Elliot Short? In 2009, his story had been featured in a British local newspaper when he won more than 20 million pounds in horse racing. How did Short do it?

On the subject of gambling, knowing the principle that’s driving a game could make a major difference. However what happens if that principle has not come to exist yet? Throughout the Renaissance, a devoted gambler, Gerolamo Cardano, decided to produce his millions by gambling (an idea he came up with because he wasted all his inheritance). But Cardano is not a regular gambler because he measures the likelihood of events prior to making his bets.

Gambling and Science has a very long relationship. Adam Kucharski, the author of The Perfect Bet, talks about this topic in his talk at the Royal Institution.

Taking the Luck out of Gambling